Before These Shores will offer an amalgamation of information on scriptural studies, language and historical reference. The goal of combining this information is to determine the what happened to the biblical people as the Diaspora began while simultaneously researching the history, language and culture of the only displaced people on the Earth. Referring to the millions that were transported through the Middle Passage, those that were brought to the various ports to build the entire modern Western world.

Reckoning these seemingly diverse topics, Hebrew, the Bible, and the history of slavery, may provide an explanation as to why the death of a few individuals in the United States can spark such a worldwide outrage. An outrage, wherein other descendants of slavery throughout the world are now speaking out of similar types of oppression.

The Hebrew Language

Researching the Hebrew tongue, the Afro-Asiatic language that was prominent language of the Old Testament.

Scriptural Studies

Researching the Old Testament from a historic purview to track the path of the people of the bible from their departure from Egypt up until their scattering in what has come to be know as the Diaspora.

Historical Reference

Researching the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to document the journeys of millions that were taken from Africa’s Ivory Coast and how they were scattered through ports throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and the ports of Europe.

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