Scriptural Studies

The Bible has long been perceived as an individual’s religious path to spiritual salvation.   However, this manuscript represents so much more.  This spiritual document not only provides a sense of divine healing, but it also provides insight to support many aspects of historical reference over the course of the last millennium BCE.

With such a wealth of information, we will be looking to this document to provide insight on the path back to GOD, as expressed to the people of the Bible.  We will also use this document to confirm historical reference of the surrounding nations as identified by different historical sources.

Researching the Old Testament from a historic purview will allow us to track the path of the ancient Israelites, the Children of Israel, beginning with their departure from Egypt up until their scattering to the “ends of the Earth,” in what has come to be known as the Diaspora.

Researching the Old Testament from an analytical perspective will allow us to unlock biblical mysteries and dispel some of the inaccuracies contained within the Bible that today’s society has taken for granted as truth.  

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